Building Order for Minor Work Notice

Building Act 1993
Building Regulations 2006



Under Section 113 of the Building Act 1993


TO: Name and address of (recipient)
(The Recipient)

OF THE: *building/land/place of public entertainment LOCATED AT address or
location of the building in question.



1. I am the [private building surveyor appointed in respect of the building / land / place to carry out functions] [municipal building surveyor of insert council name] and am authorised to make a building order under section 113 of the Building Act 1993 ("Act").

2. I inspected the *building/land/place of public entertainment on date

3. Pursuant to section 113 of the Act, I am of the opinion that the work required to be carried out under this Order is of a minor nature.

4. This Order may be made without first serving a building notice.

5. The *reason/s why this Order was issued *is/are that :



6. You are required to carry out the following *building work/protection work/work required by the Building Regulations:


7. The above work is to be carried out within days/weeks of the service of this Order.

DATED THIS        DAY OF                      200

Private Building Surveyor/Municipal Building Surveyor


1. Duration of Order

A building order for minor work notice remains in force, and if amended, remains in force as amended, until it is complied with or it is cancelled by the relevant building surveyor or the Building Appeals Board pursuant to section 117 of the Act.

2. Amendment or Cancellation of Order

If there is a change in circumstances after the service of a building order for minor work notice, the owner may request the relevant building surveyor to amend or cancel the order pursuant to section 116 of the Act.

3. Penalty for failure to comply

A person to whom a building order for minor work notice is directed must comply with that order [penalty: 100 penalty units in the case of a natural person and 500 penalty units in the case of a body corporate] pursuant to section 118 (1).

4. Appeals to the Building Appeals Board

Under section 142(2) an owner of a building or land may appeal to the Building Appeals Board against a decision to serve a building order for minor work notice and a failure within a reasonable time, or refusal, to cancel a building order. In accordance with section 146 of the Act and regulation 1601 of the Regulations the prescribed appeal period is 30 days from the date of this building order.